Our Impact

We meet with fellow Muslim students from across Chicagoland and help them gain an appreciation for different perspectives and diversity within their communities. We provide guidance in finding their self-definition of Muslim Americans, making sure to also allow space for them to cope with stereotypes. By gaining exposure to social movements in the Muslim community, students learn from Muslim leaders to become leaders themselves.


Students learn to analyze the root causes of social conflict and generate proactive solutions, promote positive goals and values, develop effective leadership and communication skills, and move to make an impact in their community. They apply their skills to create a variety of service projects and become more constructive citizens.

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MYLS motivated me to become more involved in my community and not only give back to the Muslims in the community, but to people of other religions as well.The speakers were terrific.
— Noor Alawad
The symposium inspired me to want to rise as a leader and effect change in my community and soon the world. I love the workshop because it enabled all of us to express our thoughts and ideas.
— Runna Othman
MYLS helped me realized how easy it can be to become involved. I liked hearing each others’ ideas and actually practicing our ideas.
— Nour Jabri
I feel a much greater sense of leadership and an inspiration to make a difference in the world today. I hope to follow up with the many different projects introduced today. My favorite part was having the opportunity to come up with my own ways to change the world.
— Nadia Ahmed
The individual speeches were wonderfully refreshing. It really made me realize that there are many venues available for me to work towards improving our quality of life.
— Nuha Mulk
MYLS taught me my rights as a Muslim-American and how to represent my faith.
— Adham Karim
MYLS inspired me to do more for the community. The speakers were great and motivating.
— Bakrieh Hassan
I think the symposium was very effective and taught me so many lessons that I can implement in my life. My favorite part was the 1st session about self-definition. It answered so many question I’ve had for years. I can’t wait to share them with my family and friends.
— Asma Hammadi
MYLS was excellent. It really encouraged me to take action and do something for my community. It showed the benefits of leadership too! My favorite was the workshop.
— Nabiya Arshad
MYLS helped me realize the importance of defining who we are. It boosted my confidence to be a leader and know that we can actually make a difference.
— Qurat ul-Ain Ghani
MYLS aided me by reacquainting me with what is most significant in life. It taught me how to define myself in a way so that I will be able to draw my own limits and represent the young American Muslims I’m choosing to represent. It created a new mind-set for me and inspired me to decide the definition of being American and proving to the world that Islam is a global religion, and being an American Muslim matters.
— Aala Mohammad
This impacted me because I was able to communicate and interact with everybody. It also impacted me because I really feel like I want to make a difference.
— Leena Hamadeh