Our Impact

We meet with fellow Muslim students from across Chicagoland and help them gain an appreciation for different perspectives and diversity within their communities. We provide guidance in finding their self-definition of Muslim Americans, making sure to also allow space for them to cope with stereotypes. By gaining exposure to social movements in the Muslim community, students learn from Muslim leaders to become leaders themselves.


Students learn to analyze the root causes of social conflict and generate proactive solutions, promote positive goals and values, develop effective leadership and communication skills, and move to make an impact in their community. They apply their skills to create a variety of service projects and become more constructive citizens.



Seminars Hosted

Notable speakers for the MYLS conference include Rami Nashashibi, Yaser Tabbara, and Imam Frederick Thaufeer al-Deen.


Years Serving communities

Our first conference was in 2007! We're happy to continue the effort to motivate Muslim American youth to become socially conscious and active in their communities.


Activists Impacted

Every year, we have a bolstering class of young Muslim Americans eager to contribute to their communities.